2-in-1 Devices Supported by Windows 10 Pro

Want to pack more productivity (and fun) into the average day? Then don’t be weighed down by two devices. Choose one device with more packed into it – a 2-in-1 enhanced by Windows 10 Pro.

These slimline, lightweight devices come in a range of styles, sizes and pricepoints, ready to bring powerful Intel® CoreTM processors to every application you use for business or leisure.

2-in-1s add up for businesses

For businesses, 2-in-1s can be cheaper than buying two devices for each employee. Total cost of ownership is lower, with only one device to maintain, update, insure and protect. They enable the same mobility as a tablet and the same productivity as a desktop, supporting employee performance. And the hassle of syncing information between devices is gone for good.

Convertibles vs detachables – a 2-in-1 for everyone

There are two types of 2-in-1. Devices where the screen detaches from the keyboard, like the Acer Switch Alpha 12. And devices that fold, flip or twist to transform from laptop mode to tablet mode, like the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12. But they offer the same advantages.

Let’s look at how a 2-in-1 brings more versatility to the average working day

8am –Use tablet mode to make the most of the morning commute on the train or bus. This is when the touchscreen and Windows Ink comes into its own, letting you check social media and catch up on industry news on the go. If you walk to work, models like the HP Pro x2 that weighs in at under 1.3kg won’t slow you down.

9am – Laptop mode, ready for the email session that starts the working day. This is when a keyboard is essential for speed and accuracy. Whether it snaps on, like the Microsoft Surface, twists like the Fujitsu Lifebook T937 or folds round like the Lenovo Yoga range, you’re ready to type in seconds.

11am – Meeting. Time to present to the senior team. 2-in-1s, like the HP Spectre x360 are easy to connect to an external screen. And grab your stylus. It can be slicker than a trackpad when navigating between applications and within documents.

1.15pm – Time for lunch and a break from work. Flip your 2-in-1 to tent mode to avoid crumbs on the keyboard as you watch videos. Browse for flights in tablet mode. Then use the keyboard to fill in the booking form.

3.30pm – Customer site visit. Capture photos of the site as your customer shows you around. Flip into stand or tent mode and collaborate, sharing the touchscreen to swipe through product and service options. Then switch back to laptop mode to input details about the customer’s project.

5.45pm – Homeward bound. Time to answer a few emails, then do some online research ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. Browsing is often faster in tablet mode, when the touchscreen lets you scroll and navigate quickly.

7.30pm – Close the front door and relax. Stay in tablet mode and unwind with your favourite mobile games or search a recipe, put the device in stand mode and get cooking.

10.30pm – Log into Audible for a bedtime story. See who runs out of power first – you or the 2-in-1 device.

Productivity in every mode

This is the key advantage. Whatever app you’re using, whatever task you’re performing, you’re always in the most efficient mode – multitasking on multicore Intel processors. And that means, whatever the average day brings, you can put in a far better than average performance.

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