Do something today that your future self will thank you for | Apprentice Update

Being an Apprentice at Ingram Micro, so far, has been an experience to remember. It was overwhelming at first; starting my first full-time job in an office with people I wouldn’t have ordinarily mixed with and sure, I had a part time job before but that was nothing compared to what I was about to head into. On my first day, I realised the other apprentices were also in the same boat as me which helped calm my nerves. The company is full of friendly people who made me feel welcome and helped me ease into the role.

I have experienced a whole range of different things during the 10 months I have been here. I have attended various meetings and training sessions which were a new experience for me plus I feel that I am learning valuable information and life-long skills on a daily basis that I can take with me to any job in the future. It has given me the opportunity to experience what a variety of job roles are like whilst gaining knowledge and experience first-hand. I find it is more intriguing and rewarding learning about a job whilst you are gaining experience by fulfilling the role yourself than it is to read about it in a textbook. Additionally, working at Ingram Micro has helped build both my confidence and skill set. After having the chance to be involved in different roles across the company, I now have a better understanding of what it is I wish to do in the future as a career. I feel I made the right choice in becoming an apprentice, whereas before I was unsure of what I wanted for a long-term career and this has given me a lot of experience in many areas of working and it suits the way I like to learn.

Cinder-ELLA goes to the ball!

After working closely with Softcat I had the opportunity to attend their event of the year; the Softcat Annual Charity Ball. This was one of the first channel events I had the opportunity to attend and I was particularly excited to finally be able to put faces to the names I email and speak to on a daily basis. The night was very inspirational with speeches from many charities; one that particularly stood out to me was from a young girl who told her story with the Make a Wish Foundation. The night was also entertaining as we were presented with standup comedian Romesh Ranganathan, and Britain’s Got Talent magician Jamie Raven. Overall, the night was an experience that I will always remember as I was able to understand the company from a more customer focused scenario.

This programme has been quite a learning curve for me as I have had to become more responsible and independent; I feel Ingram Micro has helped me to become a better person. I have learnt a lot, both skill wise and about myself, and I hope to continue to learn more during my remaining time as an apprentice.

Coming up to my one year anniversary, I definitely feel I have learnt a lot being here at Ingram Micro. I look forward to widening my knowledge further and working alongside more resellers and vendors. I hope to achieve many more exciting things during my remaining time here such as:

  • Attending an awards event
  • Getting more involved with the Ingram Micro Social Media strategy
  • Meet resellers on site visits
  • Writing an editorial piece for IM Advisor or writing more blog posts

To find out more about the Apprenticeship program here at Ingram Micro please feel free to contact our team via 0371 973 3000!

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