Get set for GDPR with Epson Business Scanning solutions

On 25 May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, heralding a new age for how organisations collect, manage and store the personal data of EU citizens.

The GDPR doesn’t just apply to data held on servers and in the cloud. It applies to personal information recorded on paper documents too. And for most organisations, complying with the GDPR demands a significant overhaul of their document management system, right across the business.

The hidden risk in paper-based records

Paper-based information is hard to search and too easy to share – two things that become a problem under the GDPR. For example, a Request for Erasure might be tricky to fulfil if photocopies of personal information are filed away in employees’ cabinets. And those same copies can make it easy for personal data to end up in the wrong hands. Both instances can lead to a hefty fine for non-compliance.

Tame the paper tiger by digitising it with Epson

Epson scanners turn physical information into manageable, secure digital content, quickly and efficiently. From that moment, there is an audit trail of where that data flows and the information can be searched – key requirements to keep organisations on the right side of the GDPR.

Scanning solutions for every workplace

Epson has a comprehensive range of business scanners – from portable sheetfed devices to A3 flatbed scanners, and large format solutions. Each scanner is packed with clever, time-saving technology, such as wireless scanning and network sharing.

One particular advantage of Epson for GDPR compliance is the ability to scan to cloud. The GDPR places increased emphasis on transparency, accountability and governance. So, the data trail created by scanned documents as they are moved to compliant cloud storage can help demonstrate data is being correctly managed. Scanning to cloud also helps organisations enforce retention policies and expire personal data at the right time, in line with data minimisation requirements.

Capitalise on Epson’s current offers on scanners

Epson is a long-standing brand in sectors who have always required secure data management – legal, healthcare, local government, financial services and insurance. So, organisations can rest assured Epson is more than equal to the challenges of GDPR. From a sales perspective, the GDPR is a huge opportunity, and there is good margin to be made on Epson scanners.

Current offers

Free 5 Year Extended Warranty worth up to £228/€260 (inc. VAT) on specific WorkForce Scanners purchased before 31st March 2018.

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