How to Protect and Address the Current Cyber Threats

Cyber security attacks have dominated the headlines in recent months. These attacks are becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated. The long-term impact of a cyber-attack on a business could include a substantial loss of revenue, margin and valuable data. The reputational damage and loss of confidence from the consumer could result in immediate and material loss of shareholder value.

With the threat evolving and accelerating quickly, businesses are struggling to stay ahead and make sure they are adequately protected. The Government, law enforcement and other bodies have increased efforts to tackle cybercrime. With GDPR being enforced in May 2018 there is a big emphasis to make sure our customer’s data is secure.

SEP 14 has been launched in order to protect and address the current cyber threats affecting businesses. So, what do we know about SEP 14?

Well, SEP 14 is a true next generation product which leverages machine learning and features real-time behavioural monitoring, file reputation analysis and memory exploit mitigation. SEP 14 feature set is extensive and also Symantec claiming to have the largest civilian threat intelligence network in the world, this allows Symantec to utilise the vast amount of data to stop advanced threats and all from an easy to use single management console.

There has been excellent feedback from IT engineers and customers who are using the SEP 14. Some saying the ease of deployment with step by step instructions and guides gets you up and running quickly.

Also, the license comes with essential 24/7 telephone and email support, which we recommend you to renew at the end of each year.

This is a great time to take advantage of the 35% off promo which is currently running for customers who are looking to purchase Symantec Endpoint protection 14.

For further details on this offer please feel free to contact our team of Ingram Micro Cloud Specialists via 03719 733 060 or email

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