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In my two years at Ingram Micro – and over twenty years of working in the channel – time and time again I’ve heard resellers claim that their Dell business was ‘stolen’ from them. It’s emotive, it’s annoying, and it’s avoidable. Sometimes the customer has shopped around, ignoring the pre-sales time expertise that the reseller has provided, sometimes the reseller misjudged the relationship they had with the customer. All too often however, the simple steps put in place by the manufacturer to help the reseller have not been followed. I’m talking “Deal Registration’.

TL;DR – Email Ingram your details and we’ll do the Dell Deal Registration for you.

Dell Deal Registration Qualification

True, the deal registration process might not be as quick and easy as we’d like but it’s definitely worth your time considering all the exclusive advantages you get with it. It’s also worth your time when Ingram will do all the heavy work for you.

The first rule of Dell Deal Registration – YOU MUST BE FIRST TO REQUEST DEAL REGISTRATION. I can’t stress this enough. It’s first-come, first served. If you have identified a project, get it Deal Registered. Don’t wait until the customer has mentioned it in passing to the next reseller that hits him with a cold-call.

To qualify for Deal Registration, you must be a Dell Authorised Partner (link below) and the sales opportunity must be worth more than £7,500 – Enterprise storage being the exception to the rule with no minimum value. The customer for the opportunity must be at a UK address. There are three primary benefits of gaining the Deal Registration. Firstly, you’ll get beneficial pricing. It varies by deal size and a number of other factors, but there is a clear halo between the price you’ll receive and standard pricing. Secondly, any resource from Dell required to help win the project will be directed towards you. Thirdly – and for many, the most important – Dell Direct will not offer the customer lower pricing (I can guess your comments – but bear with me).

As an aside, and breaking rule no. 1, Public Sector bids do not follow the first come, first served rule where Dell will allow up to 3 partners access to the Deal Registration, with a strict level-playing field between them all.

Dell Deal Registration – The Process

After the Deal Registration is submitted, you’ll receive an email saying that the request is accepted or declined. That process typically takes 24-48hrs, but I’ve known it to be approved in 20 minutes and also to be declined after 4 days. If accepted, Ingram will generate your quote – with Deal Registration. pricing – on the same day. With the quote tools provided by Dell we can make configuration changes and re-quotes without referral back to Dell, giving you minimal delays.

One aspect of pricing needs to be understood. Having the Deal Registration does not automatically entitle you to an extra discount. The opportunity needs to be competitive and needs to be seen by Dell as incremental to their revenues. Having said that, there is a clear connection between opportunity value, product mix and potential discounts. Put simply, if you are supplying Dell server and storage and networking into a project, the scope for Dell supporting you is higher.

If you receive the “Deal Declined” email, the normal reason is that a competitor found the opportunity and registered it before you did. It may be that Dell Direct is already working on the opportunity. If this is the case, we have some options available to us. The key to success here is proof, perseverance and positioning. Dell is a very pragmatic organisation. The driver will always be ‘what do we need to do to win’. If you can show that you’ve actively worked on the opportunity, promoting the Dell solution from day one, Dell will happily tag the deal as “collaborative” and give you the Deal Registration. In this instance, it’s all about building that great relationship with the Dell Account Manager and working in partnership (not against each other). If you can make the case that without your involvement, this would not be a Dell opportunity, or would endanger the sale, then ‘declined’ will become ‘approved’. Having the Dell Direct Account Manager understand the value that you’re bringing to the end-user is critical.

Whilst looking at working with Dell, I also need to address competing with Dell. Dell has made it crystal clear to their entire sales team that competing against a reseller that holds deal registration is absolutely forbidden and will not be tolerated. From Dell’s perspective, it makes no sense at all to basically compete against itself.

To become a Dell Partner go to: and select “Become A Partner”

To register a deal with Dell go to:

Alternatively, provide your Ingram Account Manager with the end-user contact details and we will fill out the Dell Deal Registration forms for you.

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