Releasing the Inner (Barcode) Geek

People sometimes wonder why I enjoy working within DC/POS – the answer “it’s everywhere, hidden in plain sight”.

I joined the world of DC/POS to cover the division’s marketing two years ago, having worked on the wider technology vendors we hold at Ingram Micro. I wasn’t that aware of the area or what it really covered.  My first challenge was to meet Rob and understand what the division actually did. At that time the team was based in Maidenhead in an almost self-contained unit – I was a stranger to them all and one with no knowledge of their specialist solutions.

Luckily for me the team and their years of knowledge welcomed me warmly into the fold.  They shared their product, vertical and overall approach to the division and I started to attach the product areas into something I knew – I’d worked in retail while studying, had used POS systems (out of date now) and barcode scanners for stock takes so soon it all started to take hold.  Seeing a product within a solution makes it easier to understand and from there our team of experts can help you with the complexities of specific specifications and configurations.

Now I find myself looking at the POS solutions wherever I go, cheerleading our vendors product unique benefits (the inner DC/POS geek).  I recently found myself making a purchase in M&S (as you do) when I was asked for my loyalty card, I had one but hadn’t updated the offers – the lady kindly scanned my card with her Mobile computer – saving me 20% on my purchase. A great example of tech helping both retailer & customer.

You may think you don’t know what DC/POS is – but you do! From the delivery you signed for on a handheld mobile computer, the Gas engineer that ordered parts while on-site with their rugged device.  The person checking pricing/stock in your local store. This is all part of the world we call DC/POS, with solutions running across all verticals.

Ingram Micro is a success because of its people and that is certainly true of this bunch. If you have an idea even if outside of your normal area – give them a call, set up a meeting but make sure you get in touch.  Opportunities are there in the ever changing world of DC/POS.

For more information on our DC/POS division please feel free to contact our team on 0371 973 3000.

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