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A quick journey up the M4, round the M25 and up the M1…

Around 6 months ago, we embarked on an adventure. After spending some 8 and half years following the acquisition of Paradigm Distribution based in the Maidenhead area, it was time for us to leave that world behind and join the rest of our Ingram Micro TS colleagues in Milton Keynes. As Jon Swain (my Sales Manager) and I sat down in my local pub one day and began to look at the challenges this move would create, it would be fair to say that we looked upon it with a fair degree of trepidation. As well as the obvious challenges around retaining our (in my opinion) industry-leading team of experts we would need to make significant changes to our existing dynamic to help us to engage properly in a more open and perhaps less forgiving office environment.

Throughout the process, the critical point for us was to ensure that we maintained our specialism and avoid any loss of experience within the team. However, the thing I am most proud of from this move is that the vast majority of our existing team decided to embrace change and move with us. We were very fortunate that through the use of technology we were able to show flexibility to our team and, in line with what we help our customers to do every day, find solutions to enable them to work from wherever they are able to. Where we did need to make changes we have managed to make those changes positive. We have increased the depth of our account management team with three new faces: Dylan Hatten, Dylan Joseph and Rhys McIntosh. All three of those individuals have made a strong impact on our business already and are helping us to reach out and touch more customers than ever before.

My second major concern was how my existing team of somewhat maladjusted barcode nerds would adapt to being in a less cloistered and more open office environment. Every office has its own dynamic and the DCPOS team’s dynamic was, it must be said, very individual. I most definitely had images of being dragged down to see my colleagues in HR on an almost hourly basis for the first week or two following the move. The actual result here has both surprised and (I am glad to say) inspired me. I find it quite amazing that just by being in the same building we are uncovering more opportunities every day. Being closer to our SMB team is of particular benefit. Through both our internal team and our market leading external business development resource, we are now better able to support our vast array of SMB customers to delve in the world of barcodes and expand their business into new areas. Already this year, we have been out and supported a number of partners, small and large, in their engagements with their end users and helped them to sell solutions. In many of these cases, these were projects that the partner would have had to walk away from or proposed a less compelling solution purely due to a lack of knowledge in our specialist arena. Without the closer engagement between my team and the rest of our organisation a number of these opportunities would simply never have come to light – it has created genuine incremental opportunity and business for our resellers, our Vendors and of course, ourselves.

From my own perspective (and perhaps also that of our specialist customer base), the benefits of the move are clear. We are closer to our business which makes us more able to execute and get things done. We have already improved or are in the process of improving and automating a significant number of processes which will enable us to provide an even better service to our partners in the future. Some of the things that have been broken for a long time are well on their way to being fixed (and I am sure some of those specialist partners will know what I am talking about here). We are better able to help our specialist partners find new opportunities outside the DCPOS arena and have ongoing programmes designed to help them expand into areas such as networking and datacentre with our engagement with Cisco a particular highlight.

So 6 months down the line after that first conversation and some 4 months after the move I can say that I am all in all pretty happy with where we are, both physically and metaphorically. Yes, we’ve had our challenges but we have overcome them and have the platform in place to ensure we can help our resellers and our vendors grow and continue to grow for many years to come.

All the best,
Rob Ackers
General Manager – DCPOS

If you have an opportunity for anything in the world of Data Capture & Point of Sale that you wish to discuss or work with us on, please reach out to us – the contact details for the DCPOS team can be found here.

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