The launch of the Microsoft Surface Studio

With the launch of the Microsoft Surface Studio happening on 15th June I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to share one of the many reasons why I love working with Microsoft Surface. Not only are they a prestigious, premium brand… they develop and release incredible products just like the Surface Studio.

Am I being dramatic? I would suggest not. Take one look at the wonderful Surface Studio, so meticulously designed and crafted to serve the world of design, architecture, education and much more. The Surface Studio has your end user at the forefront of their mind, created to fit perfectly within any given work environment with clean lines and a small footprint. Not only does it look fabulously professional, enough to transform the workplace, it will transform the way you create.

The way you create is a bold statement; I agree, however I would never lie. The experience begins with the Zero Gravity Hinge and by weightlessly moving the 28” Display down into Studio Mode with one hand. The strikingly large and incredibly thin PixelSense Display then becomes your whiteboard, classroom, planning paper, data analysis sheet or canvas. Whatever the profession, there is a purpose for Studio.

Your outfit would not be complete without your accessories…so why would your Suface Studio? Not only does the Studio have new Surface Accessories, they are a vital hinge to this masterpiece. The accessories are what make the Studio so special. Interactivity and collaboration is key and would not be possible without these new tools. Interact with the Surface Studio in ways like no other by using the Surface Dial. Press and hold to display a radial menu of tools to do things you love in applications like Adobe, or simply place the Surface Dial Directly on the screen and watch as a colour palette appears or a ruler magically assists you in your creation.

The Surface Studio has redefined the all-in-one. It is everything you could want in multiple settings and scenarios; once you meet the Studio you will understand that I am not dramatic. I am an advocate and admirer of the Surface Studio who constantly thinks…life would be easier with a Studio!

Want to know more about the Surface Studio? Wait no longer and speak to your account manager today. Call our specialist Microsoft team on 0371 9733 713.

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