The opportunity of the hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Extended support for Windows Server 2003 ended two years ago. If your customers are still running the product, they’re facing unexpected security and regulatory risks. Don’t let end of life end their business.

The reality is: Cloud is the new norm. Focus is already shifting from infrastructure and software investment to value-added services and business problem-solving. Over the next 24 months, 45.1% of businesses see themselves achieving full Cloud optimisation*. These businesses are your customers – their ambition is your opportunity.

Why consider Microsoft Azure?

Ideal for growing businesses, IaaS platforms – implemented via the Cloud – are cost-effective, requiring no hardware expenditure, and flexible, easily scaled as your customers grow or their requirements change. Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible Cloud platform on which to build IaaS, whether for hybrid or pure Cloud-based infrastructures.

– Benefit from a wide range of usage-based services, including applications, storage and network services, to give your customers the opex approach they’re looking for. Sell subscriptions directly to the customer, and bill them as they wish – by SKU, meter, or a price set by you.

– Build applications using any language, tool or framework, and implement the Cloud into almost any existing infrastructure – whether your customers are looking for a hybrid solution, or full Cloud adoption.

– Count on 99.5% monthly SLA, automatic OS and service patching, and let the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace automatically provision services for bundling with additional Cloud solutions. We’ll even handle your monthly consolidated bills.

With Microsoft Azure, you can harness the potential of Cloud computing to increase your business profitability, and solve your customers’ business problems.

Build a Cloud future for your business

By 2020, the public Cloud market will reach $191billion*. Ingram Micro Cloud is a leading master Cloud Solutions Provider – a long-term Microsoft distributor, and an unmatched holder of expertise and experience in Microsoft technology. This makes us an ideal partner with which to capitalise on this opportunity, and introduce Microsoft Azure to your customers.

We’ve got the capability to help you make the transition to a Cloud Solutions Provider – and then provide you with ongoing support to develop your business, from sales and marketing support to delivery and management. The Cloud will present you with new opportunities that demand new business models and new conversations. All our expertise is just a click away.

As the volume and diversity of Cloud-based vendors and service providers grows, the Cloud grows more complex. Ingram Micro Cloud has the capacity to simplify access with a single point of contact from end-to-end – for an unmatched breadth and depth of products and services that empower you to offer best-in-class Cloud solutions to your customers.

Our scalability means that Cloud, once exclusive to large corporates, is now available to businesses of all sizes – at a scale and scope that suits their IT operations. Ingram Micro Cloud can free your customers from the constraints of fixed infrastructure and resource commitments, enabling you to provision everything from analytics and usage management to billing – for your entire customer base.

– 21 Cloud Marketplaces worldwide
– 39,000+ Cloud partners registered
– 320+ Cloud solutions
– 70+ vendors
– 200,000+ resellers

Contact one of our experts on 0371 973 3060 or to find out what Ingram Micro Cloud can do for your business.

* Source: IDC, Worldwide IT Industry Predictions 2016

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