VR Gets Classy: Virtual Reality and Education

In 2016, virtual reality (VR) moved from the periphery of technology into the mainstream. VR startups have created a billion- dollar market, raising over $1.46 billion, with the market expected to increase to $15.9 billion by 2019. As the market grows, it’s expanding beyond gaming and into vertical markets, like education.

But VR isn’t the only booming industry. Education technology is an $8 billion industry and growing. It’s where VR and education meet that things become very interesting.

How is VR used in the classroom

As VR distribution continues to grow, entirely new possibilities are available to teachers, such as:

  • Virtual field trips are one of the most fun ways VR is incorporated into education. Using virtual reality, students can travel to Verona to see the setting of Romeo and Juliet or to ancient Mayan ruins or even Mars. No permission slip required!
  • Virtual classrooms allow students to interact with their subjects in ways not before possible. With a virtual chemistry lab, a child can not only safely conduct experiments, but also walk through molecules.

Powerful components for a powerful experience

In order for virtual reality to achieve its full potential in the classroom, the desktops that power the headsets must have the storage and compute processing power necessary to create a seamless experience for students. This means having enough RAM, Flash, storage and processing capabilities to support the VR software.

At Ingram Micro System ArchiTECHs, we provide our resellers with access to more than 30 manufacturers who provide products to build the solutions that meet the demands of education-based virtual reality, while our pre-sales technical support team assists you in creating the VR system of your educational dreams.

Want to learn more?

While there are no stats yet on the use of VR in the classroom, the influx of new companies dedicated to providing new educational content, teacher training and tools can attest to the interest and excitement surrounding VR as it fully integrates into education.

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